How Can Homeopathy Keep Your Family Healthy?

Homeopathy is a mystery to many, but growing in popularity in the US and many other places. It is a science of healing based on the principle that “like cures like.” Suppose a person has a cold with watery eyes and a burning nasal discharge. These manifesting symptoms represent the body’s attempt to restore itself to health. The homeopathic remedy Allium Cepa (Latin for onion) might be given because onion causes watery eyes and a burning nasal discharge. 

Starting with newborns and progressing through the teen years, parents can use homeopathy to treat a wide range of acute conditions that arise in the family. From colic and teething, to earaches and sore throats, to diarrhea and vomiting, to first aid and minor injuries; and, perhaps, moodiness in teenagers, parents can utilize the effective and safe action of homeopathic remedies.

To learn how homeopathy can benefit you and your family, you are invited to two presentations by Homeopath and author Shelley Keneipp, MH, author of The Practical Guide to Homeopathy for Children: Keeping Your Family Healthy Naturally and Safely: “Homeopathy for Newborns to Teens.” The events are:

Treating Winter Ailments with Homeopathy
Thursday, January 23, 6pm-7:30pm, FREE, Westside New Leaf

Wellness Seminar: Homeopathy for Newborns to Teens
Saturday, February 8, 9am-4pm, $95, Westside New Leaf

During this full-day seminar, you’ll gain an understanding of how homeopathy works, and how to keep your children healthy. Topics include: newborn discomforts, colic, teething, tummy and digestive ailments, eye ailments, growing pains, teen discomforts, menstrual cramps, acute headaches, moodiness, and rage. Homeopathic Remedies are free of any toxic side-effects and safe and gentle enough for infants and children. No remedies have ever had to be taken off the market because of damaging side-effects. They are not addictive and never tested on animals. 

For more information about these events, visit
Preregistration is required.
Register at  or call 426-1306 ext. 0.

Read on to Learn More about Homeopathy:

Less is More

In the case of homeopathy, “less is better and more powerful.” Remedies stimulate and strengthen the body’s vital force and help the body restore its balance through the use of a minute dose of a substance.

Homeopathy treats the whole person ─ physically, emotionally and mentally, and sees each person as an individual. Each of us suffers from health conditions in our own unique way. Homeopathy looks at a person’s unique symptoms: Chilly or hot? Nose running or stuffed up and what color is the discharge? Did the cold follow stress, anger, or loss of sleep? Homeopathic remedies are chosen based on the best match to the person’s unique set of symptoms and causation factors.  

Most homeopathic remedies are taken from plants, minerals and animals. Remedies are free of any toxic side-effects and safe and gentle enough for infants and children. No remedies have ever had to be taken off the market because of damaging side-effects. They are not addictive and never tested on animals.

Dates Back Over 200 Years

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician considered the father of Medicine, stated: “there are two ways of treating ill health: the Law of Opposites and the Law of Similars.” In 1796, a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann based his approach to healing on the principles of the Law of Similars set forth by Hippocrates, and homeopathy was born. The word “homeopathy” comes from the Greek words homoios and patheia which translates into “similar suffering.”
200 years of clinical experience along with modern research published in The Lancet (10/86), Pediatrics (5/94), British Medical Journal (2/9/91) and British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (3/89 & 9/80) have confirmed homeopathy’s effectiveness, including double-blind clinical trials.  Homeopathy is advocated by the World Health Organization and its use is commonplace in countries around the world. Its use is growing rapidly in the U.S. American consumers of homeopathy date back to families journeying to the West in wagon trains, Mark Twain and John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

Roger Bird January 08, 2014 at 11:49 AM
My family and I have been benefiting from homeopathy for the past 44 years.
Sandra Courtney January 08, 2014 at 12:22 PM
My family has used homeopathy for both acute and chronic problems with the aid of a homeopath for the past 25 years. Homeopathic medicine has never disappointed me. I always share positive stories of homeopathic successess, including this true case history: Congestive Cardiac Failure with Pre-renal Acute Renal Failure “CNS – Unconscious, not responding to commands, movement of LL to pain stimuli; Planters – NAD.” “Homeopathic intervention here allowed her to stabilize in the vital organs to the point where she even regained consciousness though without intact higher function and could not communicate in conversation. Her son was able to take her home with a mounting hospital bill that reduced within 10 days of homeopathic medication being started. Due to her symptomatic improvement, the allopathic drugs were also drastically reduced and she went home on a very small prescription as maintenance dose.” http://hpathy.com/clinical-cases/congestive-cardiac-failure-with-pre-renal-acute-renal-failure/
Patti Bond January 08, 2014 at 12:49 PM
Thank you so much for sharing your personal positive experiences with Homeopathy and providing additional resources on this vital healing science.
RJ Herrmann January 08, 2014 at 09:59 PM
Good information, thank you, Patti. My son made it through childhood into adulthood with homeopathy! His first homeopathic remedy was teething tablets, and after that, he had his own homeopath that kept him healthy and hearty! He very rarely gets sick, and if he does, it's quickly fixed with a remedy. I wish all children had that option!
Patti Bond January 08, 2014 at 10:17 PM
Glad to hear that homeopathy has been so helpful. I am sure Shelley Keneipp can confirm the many benefits for people of all ages!


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