What is Svaroopa® Yoga?

Receive personal attention
Receive personal attention
Heard any buzz about Svaroopa® yoga? The first Svaroopa® yoga studio on the Central Coast was established almost 4 years ago at Aptos Yoga Center and it has been attracting a loyal following.

Svaroopa® yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga. What makes Svaroopa® yoga different is that it uses the support of blankets and props so you can relax into poses designed to release the deepest tensions in your body along the spine. This results in spinal decompression or “Core Opening” which promotes a strong, supple body with more energy while at the same time helping the mind to become calm and alert.

At Aptos Yoga Center, flexibility is not a requirement, it is a result! Can't touch your toes? No problem! Come on down!

A FREE Introductory Class is offered each month. Join us Thursday, January 23 or Tuesday, January 28 and experience the benefits of this unique form of yoga. Please call to reserve your spot at 688-1019 or email info@aptosyoga.org.

Aptos Yoga, a non-profit organization, is located up the stairs behind Deluxe Foods in the Deer Park Shopping Center, off the Rio Del Mar exit.

For more information visit www.aptosyoga.org.


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