Bella Talks Music and Art

On a rainy afternoon, at the historic Windmill, Isabella Correa-Apra told Patch about her love for music and art.

Patch caught up with thirteen-year-old Isabella Correa-Apra at the . She was enjoying a toasty grilled cheese sandwich on a stormy Santa Cruz afternoon.

Correa-Apra likes to draw and doesn't know what she will do when she grows up, but plans to continue making art.

Santa Cruz Patch: Where do you go to school?

Isabella Correa-Apra: I go to Branciforte Middle School. I'm in the eighth grade. Next year, I will go to Harbor High.

Patch: What is your favorite subject at school?

Correa-Apra: Right now, I have this elective, MESA where we're building things. It's sort of like woodshop. It stands for Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement. Right now I'm building a glider out of balsa wood.

Patch: Have you made any other projects in MESA?

Correa-Apra: We made a bridge out of manila folders. If you make them right, they can be really strong.  And we did egg drop packets, where we made containers and put a bunch of eggs in them and dropped them off the gym roof. It's like engineering.

Patch: What do you like to do when you're not at school?

Correa-Apra: I like to go online or read. I draw a lot, too.

Patch: What do you like to draw?

Correa-Apra: I started out drawing anime. I draw people and cartoon-style ducks. I draw random things.

Patch: What inspires your drawings?

Correa-Apra: Music. I hear things or see things listening to music. I like a lot of different music. Basically, the only music I don't like is country and screamo.

Patch: What is screamo?

Correa-Apra: Basically, electric guitar and a guy screaming.

Patch: What do you like about living in Santa Cruz?

Correa-Apra: I like the weather, especially the rain because it gets me out of gym class. I like living near the beach even though I don't go there that often. It's cool to have that option. I like the people here, how crazy some of them are, it's just kind of fun. Go downtown. There are all kinds of people here. I like the mix. Normalness is boring.

Joshua May 29, 2012 at 01:26 AM
Your very awesome,keep up the good work.


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