Big Plans Ahead from SC Sanctuary Camp; Next Meeting Is Wednesday

NEWS from the good folks at Santa Cruz Sanctuary Camp:

Hi all, 

We have some very exciting things coming soon.  Be sure to attend the next meeting to help us with these.

There is a general campaign meeting this Wednesday May 7, 6pm at the Resource Center for Non-Violence 612 Ocean St. Santa Cruz.

We're planning Santa Cruz Homelessness Symposium.  This is going to be a big game-changer for Santa Cruz and all who serve our local homeless population.

We're getting ready for Project Homeless Connect and this is our last meeting just prior to that.

Brent will share his report on his visits to unsanctioned and illegal homeless encampments in Salinas and San Jose.

We're working on Proposal to Property Owners/Churches who might host the establishment of our first Pilot Camp.

Stay tuned for this week's Goodtimes as they are featuring Sanctuary Camp on the cover story.  

We're honored and excited that so many people will get in touch with this important project. 

We'll see you on Wednesday.

Brent & Stacey


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