Chestnut Chainsaw Massacre! Locals Beg Developers to Spare 110-Year-Old Tree in Santa Cruz

Credit: Save Our Big Trees on Facebook.
Credit: Save Our Big Trees on Facebook.
Concerned Santa Cruz citizens hoping to save a 110-year-old tree on Broadway from the developers' chainsaw have banded together with activist protests and a Facebook page -- Save Our Big Trees.

One local makes her plea in the following letter: 

Dear Ms. Sood and Mr. Dobbins,

I recently learned from the "SAVE OUR BIG TREES" FaceBook page that your building project of a new Hyatt Hotel does not include the lovely 110-year-old Red Horse Chestnut tree!

This is just plain sad.

As a child, my grandmother would walk me down to the San Lorenzo River which always included a stop at the Red Horse Chestnut tree, especially when it was in bloom.

I am now 55 years old.  
I have seen this tree grow and thrive over the many years, and now I have learned that this incredible tree and my memories are to become sawdust!!!

So many of the trees in the downtown area are being slaughtered.

We need to keep our inner city trees, as they not only provide beauty and shade, but AIR!!!  These trees are working hard for us!!!

I do believe this tree should have been protected under the Santa Cruz City Heritage Tree policy. What happened??

Your new Hyatt Hotel has the opportunity to be a HERO!  Please save this tree.  Perhaps you can make it an attraction?  This could be a great community marketing opportunity!!!
I am asking for your kind consideration to explore ways or ideas that will keep this tree alive for another 110 years.  I know you CAN do this! Be a Hero!!!

Thank you for your time,Rebecca Jordan, 2nd Generation, Born and Raised in Santa Cruz
Lisa May 14, 2014 at 02:37 AM
Thank you, Rebecca, for your commitment and effort to save our trees.


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