Commercial Salmon Season Ends Today; Sport Fishing Continues Until Nov. 10

Salmon lining up to be caught at the Yacht Harbor
Salmon lining up to be caught at the Yacht Harbor

Tuesday, October 15 is the last day commercial salmon fishermen will deliver fresh product to California markets in 2013.  

 Here's what John McManus, director of the Golden Gate Salmon Association said: 

"2013 proved to be a good year for commercial salmon fishermen and consumers who enjoy one of California's finest foods.  Wild caught California salmon are arguably the healthiest and tastiest natural food in the nation and we're truly blessed to have them here.  The ocean provided abundant feed for the salmon this year which resulted in larger and tastier fish than normal.  Our commercial fishermen showed they can provide the  highest quality seafood that is caught, cleaned and immediately chilled before quick delivery to market. 

"The economic value of California salmon was clearly on display this year with solid prices boosting the economy for many fishing families and communities.  The ripple effects of the salmon economy will continue to reverberate throughout the boating, tackle and other businesses tied to the salmon fishery for months to come. However, we're worried that this year's drought may cripple future salmon runs, something we won't be able to measure well until 2015. 

"The diversion of short supplies of salmon water this year left many juvenile salmon in extremely dangerous conditions in our inland waterways.  The economic value of 2013 salmon season clearly demonstrates why it's in the state's interest to provide enough water to maintain abundant salmon runs."

"The sport season will remain open until November 10 so if you want a salmon, you still have a chance to jump on any of the great party boats around the bay or take your own boat out as the weather allows." 


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