Got Some Millions Burning a Hole in Your Pocket? Some Great Properties to See and Buy

They are advertising the best beachfront prices in years. OK, they are almost $6 million. But that's with a healthy markdown.

100 26th Avenue

Buy Beach and Pool


An agent calls the 1950-built three bedroom, three bath house at 100 26th Ave. "the best beach front in years."

The house is 2,460 square feet and sells for only, cough, only $5.95 million. On those days you don't feel like beaching it, it's also got a pool.

No open houses are scheduled, but you can click the link on top and call for an appointment.

960 West Cliff Dr.

Cute and big on the Westside

 Feeling a little more penurious? There's a beautiful four bedroom, five bath home also on the beach for $2.395 millon. It's got 3,200 square feet and views of dolphins, otters and plenty of joggers.

Open house upon request.


105 Sylvar St.

Go big or go home.

Six bedrooms and 4.5 baths mark this ornate 1873-built home with 3,698 square feet.

It's a quick walk downtown and sells for $1.2 million.


143 Acadia Ave.

Redone inside.

Back in the affordable section, this 2002 Westside home has two bedrooms and one bath and is cute, cute, cute, with 875 square feet for $499,000.

It's been on the market 21 days.


317 Trescony St.

Classy and Quaint

Three bedrooms and two baths are tucked into this $529,000 1903 house. The outside is classic; the inside redone with class. It's got 1,121 square feet.

It's been on the market 45 days.



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