KSCO-AM Newsman Don Husing Passes

Santa Cruz lost a great newsman and radio personality Tuesday. Post your remembrances in the comments below.

Newsman Don Husing passed away this week.
Newsman Don Husing passed away this week.
Don Husing, the voice of KSCO news for decades, died Tuesday at his home from illness at the age of 71.  
Husing was a great engineer and one of the sweetest people you'll meet in the news business. For the three years I did a show on KSCO, he was my engineer.

Here's the station obit:

Born and raised in Oakdale, California, Husing came to KSCO in 1966 while serving in the US Army at Ford Ord, where he wrote for the military’s Stars and Stripes magazine.  KSCO’s first operating owner, Vernon Berlin, gave Husing three months off to study for his FCC First Phone license.  Husing then spent the next 47 years anchoring KSCO’s control room.  Husing’s duties at KSCO included broadcasting news, weather and traffic reports, producing and hosting the Hawaii Calls program, and co-hosting the Good Morning Monterey Bay commute show with Sleepy John Sandidge, Fred Riese, and Rosemary Chalmers.

During Husing’s 47 year tenure, KSCO was instrumental in covering major area events, including the 1982 floods, the 1989 earthquake, and all of the area’s natural and man-made disasters.   At KSCO, Husing was the broadcasters’ broadcaster, the man the station could always count on to be on duty on time, and he did so for all three of KSCO’s ownership groups.

Among radio aficionados, Husing was known for his great sense of humor, love of Hawaiian music, and devotion to old time radio.  Said former co-host  and close friend John Sandidge, “Don Husing was a best friend, and the funniest man.  He loved radio, and he lived it.”

Husing had no surviving family. 

Amanda Nuzzo Font August 30, 2013 at 07:20 PM
This is so, so sad. Don was a good man and I loved watching him run the board when I did news in the morning. He was always in by 7am at the latest, usually closer to 6am, listening to classic radio shows until he took over the board. Man....
Matthew Eaton August 30, 2013 at 07:26 PM
I never knew him personally, but he was always a part of my radio listening life after the 89 earthquake. I always looked forward to hearing him interact with everyone else. He was a professional and a very sweet man, I am sure of it. Santa Cruz lost a great man this week.
Easton Allyn August 30, 2013 at 07:42 PM
When I started as an intern at KSCO, Don showed me nothing but kindness. We would spend hours talking about radio, and I made it my quest to learn as much as I could from this master of the medium. I love you Don.
CM Lopez August 30, 2013 at 07:51 PM
I have lived with Don as my immediate neighbor for nearly three years, in all that time he was kind, considerate, and respectful, a true gentleman. Finding out about his passing was so sad. I will miss you Don, you were always so kind to me, today I as I worked on my garden I realized I missed you walking out and asking me about my flowers. I hope where you are is a wonderful place full of people who love you, you deserve it. Rest in peace, always. And thank you for always respecting the quiet hours, and never banging on the wall.
Sun Marian September 07, 2013 at 11:38 AM
Dedicated to Don Husing They say on the day each person is born That marks the day of one definite death. In between these two marks on the notch post of time Is everyone and everything that matters in one life. After 47 years on a job, among friends, there were birthdays and holidays and maybe a romance or secret honeymoon. There was delivering the daily news, watching the clouds and the sunsets, fixing the broken things, tossing the trash, waking in a dark room, letting the light in, asking after the neighbor's flowers, speeding past the sounds of ceaseless existence in a KSCO car with radio tuned to avoid traffic jams and lousy weather. Particulars forgotten, kindnesses remembered, the big 89 earthquakes calmly weathered, with all the rest of the insanity of becoming human. I imagine the sad last definite day of your sweet life, coughing until too weak to keep breathing, emerging from the panic into the endless calm... Flying into the light luxuriously remembering the recent dream of life... Marks like growing an inch since last year, learning to swim, riding a bike. closing eyes for that very first kiss, inhaling smoke after the fire operating the control board, teaching newbies the ropes, finding love, trouble, ecstasy, tragedy, radiating gently kindness making a little difference each day in the gigantic world of the living. And the long wind of change blows the sails of this voyage through choppy waters and glassy swells always toward the light. When you look back on it all, so few things are certain, and so many adventures remain unsung. You are missed and remembered well, kind friend.


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