Pescatarian Machinist, Bob Rowe

Rowe talks about mountain biking, turning pescatarian (fish-eating, not meat) and where to dine downtown.

Patch caught up with Bob Rowe, a talented machinist, at . Rowe, who operates an old-school shop—Rowe Machinery—was strolling through, ran into a friend, stopped to visit and savored some local brew.

After more than 40 years in the machine business, Rowe helps customers solve intricate and obscure problems, and he doesn’t need a computer-generated drawing to do it. Business has changed since the advent of computers, but Rowe is still around, because he has adapted and knows how to help people solve machine-related problems the old fashioned way—with the terminal between his ears.

Santa Cruz Patch: How long have you lived in the Santa Cruz area?

Bob Rowe: Since 1972.

Patch: What brought you here?           

Rowe: Friends.

Patch: What are you drinking?

Rowe: Santa Cruz Ale Works IPA.

Patch: What kind of work do you do?

Rowe: I have a machine tool shop on the West side.

Patch: Who are your customers?

Rowe: It covers a lot of people, but almost anyone in manufacturing. A lot of hobby and artist-type people.

Patch: What are your favorite activities outside of work?

Rowe: Besides work? Is there something else? I like to go mountain biking—down in Soquel Demonstration Forest, Nisene Marks, and by the university, also Wilder. 

Patch: Where else do you like to eat downtown?

Rowe: Sometimes I like to go to ; I’ve been to and is good.

Patch: What do you like at Hulas?

Rowe: Fish. I don't eat meat. I haven’t since 1971.

Patch: Why did you become a pescatarian?

Rowe: Eating lower on the food chain is good. Less processed foods. Less factory food. But I’m not against people eating meat. If people choose to eat meat, I think they should choose a quality product.


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