'Reel Work Film Fest' Is Monday -TONIGHT! - With SC Sanctuary Camp

"We assert that a citizen-organized, community-supported safe sleep sanctuary can reduce the problems associated with homelessness."

Credit: Sanctuary Camp Santa Cruz.
Credit: Sanctuary Camp Santa Cruz.
News from the Santa Cruz Sanctuary Camp:

Reel Work Film Fest is Monday -- TONIGHT! -- at 7 p.m. at the Resource Center for NonViolence at 612 Ocean St., Santa Cruz
On the agenda: Peter Connery from Applied Survey Research and Scott Galloway sitting on the panel, as well as Jeremy LeonardAnnette March and Brent Adams. 

Come watch three short films, and take part in the new local movement to transform what it means to be homeless in Santa Cruz.

Films showing:

  • Jeremy Leonard’s  Exploring the Sanctuary Camp Concept
  • Brent Adams’  Santa Cruz Sanctuary Camp
  • Annette March’s  Not the Other: Oral Histories of People Experiencing Homelessness
We encourage you to participate in joining us to create a safe place for homeless to be and helping create a safer and cleaner community for everyone.

- Share our presentation video with your friends, family and community.
- Attend our weekly meeting.
- Join a working group.
- Donate $ to this project and offer your unneeded camping gear etc.

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