Singled Out: Neighbor Night

This week, meet Jocelyn Ferialdi, a single woman who likes to bike, play soccer and listen to live music.

The Venue:

Tuesday is Neighbor Night, aka “hoes and bros night,” at . The earlier end of the evening is laid back and friendly. Tables usually fill up with groups of friends. The trick is taking the chance to talk to those not in your circle. That takes some effort.

There’s some debate about whether Neighbor Night is a good spot for meeting singles, but our secret agents discovered cheap pitchers and an impressive array of single people mixing among married and partnered comrades. The early crowd has a wider age range. As the night grows later, the skirts get littler and the median age moves closer to 21. Tuesday is a work night.  

The Woman:

Jocelyn Ferialdi, 34, works as a product manager for a consumer electronics company, Plantronics. Ferialdi is a Gemini and doesn’t have a middle name.

Santa Cruz Patch: What do you like to do in your free time?

Ferialdi: I go to a lot of shows, mountain bike. I’m into the hippie-jam-band scene—progressive funk, bluegrass. I play in a soccer league twice a week.

Patch: What kind of relationship are you looking for?

Ferialdi: I want to settle down. But I’m not going to settle. I want a man who isn’t afraid of commitment.

Patch: What kind of men are you attracted to?

Ferialdi: I like manly men. They should look good without spending too much time in front of the mirror.

Patch: Have you ever met a guy at Neighbor Night?

Ferialdi: No. I tend to go out with my friends, and I don’t usually venture beyond my group. I do have friends who’ve met guys here, though.

Patch: Where else do you like to go to meet people?

Ferialdi: Brady’s (Yacht Club).


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