Tour with Lady Gaga, Spend Time with Justin Bieber, Clive Davis, the Who...This May be the Greatest Auction Ever

You can pick your cause, however, Save Save Foundation, a charity to raise awareness and protect the oceans, says Cruzans may be most interested in that one.

The prizes are staggering and so far the prices are low for such things as a day with Justin Bieber, a review session with record mogul Clive Davis, some time with the Who's Roger Daltry, go on tour with Lady Gaga.

The best thing: it's all online. You don't have to leave the house.

Bid here.

Because of all the UCSC marine biology students and the love of the ocean here, Sea Save's Georgienne Bradley thinks people in Santa Cruz County will love to donate to Sea Save. The organization has worked to protect sharks and sea turtles.

There are also amazing trips, and some surprsing items.

Which is your favorite? And what's the best deal you see?


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