Two Boats Wash Up on Local Beaches

This unclaimed boat was beached in Friday's storm.

Two boats broke free of their moorings near the Santa Cruz wharf in Friday's rainstorm, and they received quite a bashing against the pier before washing up on the beach. 

Santa Cruz Fire responded to a call that the boats were loose and crashing into the wharf around 11:15 p.m. on Friday night, according to Bay City News.

One boat washed up on Main Beach and the other washed up on Seabright State Beach. 

Dusty Marty, Life Guard for California State Parks, said that the boat that washed up on the Seabright Beach had been anchored and neglected out by the wharf for several months, and the owners could not be reached.

"Most people know that they need to get their boat into a slip in the harbor once winter comes," said Marty, "But we never got a call back."

The sailboat remains capsized on Seabright Beach. It is badly battered, and has hundreds of brown marks on it from crashing into the pier due to the storm swell.

Since Seabright is a State Beach, and the State is always a little more pinched for money, the boat will remain on the beach until Monday, according to Marty. On Monday State crews are expected to chop up the already battered boat and bring it to the dump. 

"If they sent them out over the weekend they would have to pay them time and a half," Marty said. 

All in all, it's a pretty big waste of what was a perfectly good boat.

Friday's storm also washed up large amounts of seaweed, trash, sweatpants, and one man with a metal detector said he had found a gold ring and a silver necklace on Saturday.


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