PBS Show 'Roadtrip Nation' Took a Break in Santa Cruz Friday

The giant green RV that houses Roadtrip Nation's cross country tours is in Santa Cruz for four days.

Taking a break for searching colleges for a new cast for next season, the crew of Roadtrip Nation is taking a break in Santa Cruz for four days.

They parked the big RV on the street near the Girls and Boys Club downtown and headed for the first place they wanted to see here.

Can you guess?

"We're going to ride the roller coaster at the Boardwalk," said producer Mike Rotondo. "We've never been to Santa Cruz. Can we walk there?"

"Umm. Yeah."

The show, which you can watch here, is sort of a smart version of the old MTV Road Rules. Students are trying to find their path in life, not hot tubs and beer. They interview people along the way who can inspire them, and also find local musicians.

They've published a book on their voyages, which one passerby had on hand and got autographed.



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