Photo Gallery: A Wild and Colorful First Friday

Art, music and wine gave way to an impromptu Burning Man party downtown.

First Friday art exhibits packed downtown Santa Cruz shops Friday evening and visitors also got to see a small protest (what day in Insanity Cruz is complete without one?) and a wild Burner decompression party (the cops were too busy following the dozen or so protestors to bother with the freewheeling 75 or so partiers outside Forever 21.)

The protest looked a little pathetic compared to the frenetic energy of the Burning Man refugees, whose old Winnebago still had playa dust on it. The protest was against police arresting people on the courthouse for sleeping illegally and accompanied by a mournful tuba, they held a sign that said The Earth is for People. 

It drew yawns. The Burners, banging samba rhythms, drew dancers.

Check it all out in our photo gallery.

Donald Archer September 08, 2012 at 08:09 PM
I've lived in Santa Cruz, in the same apartment for 20 years. I've decided to stay. We know what this means. Lets make every First Friday an event to remember ! --Arch
Robert Norse September 12, 2012 at 03:20 PM
You mischaracterize the Friday Tent Vigil as "police arresting people on the courthouse for sleeping". The protest was about the massive escalation of police attacks (citations, arrests, property destruction) by police, deputies, and rangers in the last eight weeks. One man (Gary Johnson) is completing a six months jail term. He slept on a bench outside the courthouse with a "Sleep is Not a Crime" sign. Also, it would be great if SC Patch both came clean and got vocal about the selective prosecution of those facing 7 years in prison for supporting and reporting on the 75 River St. vacant bank occupation. Your reporters have acknowledged they were inside. How about defending freedom of the press? You don't want to be dismissed as a wanna be Sentinel, do you? The management there seems to have no problem watching innocent activists like myself and the rest of the Santa Cruz Eleven get dragged through the courts while Sentinel employees who were also "trespassing" in the building get a pass. Come on, Brad. Step up.
Robert Norse September 12, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Also--perhaps I missed it--has SC Patch ever pointed out the gruesome reality of the Santa Cruz Sleeping Ban? The fact that there's no shelter for 95% of the homeless in Santa Cruz and laws that criminalize sleep after 11 PM outside or in vehicles is a little something that apparently only deserves "a yawn" from you. Please don't let your personal differences with Alex Darocy influence your basic sense of morality and journalistic responsibility.


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