2012 Predictions From Local Psychics

It's not the end of the world, but changes are on their way.

Ask around about what’s coming in 2012, and you’ll likely hear about an end-of-the world apocalypse, predicted for Dec. 21, 2012. Talk of such major world-altering events are based on various interpretations of messages left by the Mayan civilization, with a bit of astrology tossed into the mix.

But some researchers say the mythological date of the "end of days" may be off by 50 or 100 years. And in Santa Cruz, psychics aren’t buying the hype, either.

LeAndra Johnson, who has Psychic & Medium Counseling offices in Santa Cruz and Felton, said the world’s not going to end—but the economy isn’t going to get any better, either.

“If people are looking for that, this new year is not the year,” she said. “It will start to turn in 2013. It’s going to be a very, very different outcome than the old way that people have been thinking.”

Locally, she said, it won’t be so bleak in 2012.

“There looks like there will be new ventures that businesses will start to share here, and that will help our employment and change things for our county.”

Elizabeth Good, a psychic in Aptos, said she sees an unexpected surge in tourism, partly the result of the surfing film about Jay Moriarty, which will bring in revenues.  

Health also will be in the spotlight here, she said.

"A Santa Cruz County resident will institute a new model of creating healthy, sustainable foods to the poor and underprivileged," she said. "This model will rapidly be adopted worldwide, catalyzing a huge positive change for thousands of people."

Santa Cruz’s “Psychic Susie” Stevens told Patch a year ago that things will be shaking in the state.  

"California is going to have a major earthquake,” she said, “and I feel like it could happen around January, February or March of 2012." 

However, Good predicts a different kind of natural disaster. "Santa Cruz will indeed be in the news," she said. "We will have floods or water events that will require us all pulling together. It will not be as devastating as in some communities where there is less of a community of cooperation. A part of the Santa Cruz mall may have some damage but will be fixed fairly rapidly. We will model a type of recovery that others will learn from."

When it comes to presidential politics, Johnson said she expects some kind of upset, she's not sure what, with the Republican nomination.

But Good said she doesn't see any surprises for election day 2012.

“I think President Obama will win, but it feels like the end of an era for politics and elections. Politics will shift and reorganize in some way.”

Daniel Gilfry May 13, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Pres. Obama will be assassinated, probably in May. Major earthquake and super volcano eruption in U.S. Earth will tilt, poles shift. Messiah will return. Life as we know it will end. Dan Gilfry, Swedish Liberation Party


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