Show Stoppin', Thrift Shoppin' for the Most Out There, Double-Take Worthy Styles

Santa Cruz locals show off their street and off beat style.

In a city that boasts some of the most expensive property in California, it is interesting to note that most locals here love thrifting. Creativity is most definitely one of this city's strong suits, and the one-of-a-kind shopping that thrift stores offer appeals to those who intend to carve out a look all their own.

We all know Santa Cruz is a beautiful place, but it's important to recognize that part of that beauty comes from the wonderfully eclectic style that each resident contributes to. Without it's people, this town would be just another pretty face with no personality. This column is dedicated to finding the most enviable, out there and double-take worthy styles that we see everyday in Santa Cruz County, and honoring those who were brave enough to wear it to the streets.


Samantha Gruys:
I recognized the intended pun the moment I laid my eyes on this Cabrillo student's pussy covered pussy willow pullover. I'm a sucker for sweaters, especially ones with cats on them, and this one was no exception. The adorably oversized piece was acquired at the  downtown. Her leggings were purchased at , and her Keds were a gift. 

"I really like to shop at thrift stores because I like to alter things...I also like to shop at just because I like their solid colors"

Anna Baer:  
I was shocked to see anybody dressed all in black in the mid-day September heat, but when I spotted Anna's dramatic silhouette, I had to pay respects. She looked ready to be the best dressed person at my funeral, and I loved that she still looked cute as a button doing it. Anna's hat, shirt, glasses and shorts all originated from , though she admits that she "probably got most of this at crossroads."

Anna's favorite place to shop is Stripe downtown, even though she "can't afford it"


Rudy Stryder:
I thought that any hope of running into somebody dressed in a matching tracksuit had died along with the 80s, but luckily 64-year-old Rudy is keeping the dream alive. His cerulean hued, wind resistant outfit was purchased at the  for use at the gym.

"I used to just wear street clothes, but then you start feeling like a geek. So I had to go find some sports clothes"

Although this outfit was purchased for function, not form, I still have to give this guy props for strolling down Pacific wearing this eye-catching little number. 

Elizabeth Weske:
What I liked most about Elizabeth's outfit was how effortlessly cool it was. Her button up shirt () complimented her boots, which were from a discount shoe store in Oakland. I also really liked her jean jacket, which she got at . I love how her look is very laid back, without looking too casual.

Tyler Walicek:
Men's fashion can be tough to get right. Often those who think of themselves as style concious can push the envelope too far, and end up looking silly. On the other end of the spectrum is the boring dude, who never has any real punch to his daily garb. Enter exhibit A, Tyler Walicek, a prime example of a stylish young man. He isn't wearing anything flashy, but simply by getting the right fit and mix of solid colors, he has put together a casually sophisticated look for himself. Tyler got his pants from Levis, his denim jacket from a thrift store, his shirt from , and his shoes from . 

"I usually stick to the thrift stores because I'm always on a budget, so , I like a lot, and "


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