What are the Most Shopped-For Cars in Santa Cruz?


The top most shopped for cars online in Santa Cruz
The top most shopped for cars online in Santa Cruz
This list is from CarsDirect.com, which compiled searches for vehicles done on the site from Santa Cruz. 

There is another list for the whole Bay Area. 

Says the company:

How we assembled this list: We looked at traffic to individual CarsDirect.com vehicle make/model pages from car shoppers in the San Francisco (and Santa Cruz) area. We used this data to determine which vehicles were looked at by the most shoppers. The “Volume Index” showcases the popularity of each vehicle in relation to the popularity of the top vehicle, where the most popular vehicle is set to 100 and every other vehicle is a percentage of that. Please note that this is a list of vehicles most shopped for and does not necessarily represent the vehicles most sold in your area.


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