Pianos Along the Coast Play for Whales Monday

From a Press Release: 

Northern California artist and musician Mauro Ffortissimo, who famously played his grand piano at sunset for two weeks in February on the bluffs of Half Moon Bay and concluded by setting it afire on the last day, is now delighting music lovers with round two. Deemed “Opus Two for Twelve Pianos” Ffortiasimo has set up 12 pianos in various scenic locations along the Half Moon Bay Coastside to “play for the whales.” 

Starting tonight at sunset, Mauro will play nightly for two weeks at the original site at the end of Kelly Avenue in Half Moon Bay, and various musicians will give impromptu concerts at different piano locations, all open to the public. Anyone is welcome to play a piano at any time.

Ffortiasimo’s concerts and the entire arc of the project will be captured in the documentary “Twelve Pianos” created by Dean Mermell. The Twelve Pianos project will focus attention on both the fragile ocean ecosystem and the silent passing of the time-honored fine art of building one of the west’s greatest inventions, the acoustic piano. 

The Sunset Pianos will remain in various locations along the Half Moon Bay Coastside for approximately two weeks, or until “the powers that be” force their removal. The locations will not be made public, however “Sunset Piano Secret Society” members will receive a Google enabled map of their whereabouts, the specific times and locations of performances and other piano happenings, as well as regular updates to the project as they happen.

 A Kickstarter campaign is underway to cover the expenses incurred for the project and the film. A minimum $10 pledge enrolls people in the Secret Society. To become a member, click here. 


These spontaneous gatherings encourage people to come together, bring instruments and a picnic for an impromptu piano party. Guests are encouraged to post pictures and videos on the Sunset Piano Facebook page. To watch a previous concert, visit http://mauroffortissimo.blogspot.com


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