Feng Shui Color: These Patterns Can Bring Peace to Your House

Who can deny the peaceful effects of watching the ocean or the excited, invigorating feeling a sunny day brings?

It's time to bring those effects home with a little feng shui color theory.

For years after my friends bought their Santa Cruz County home, they had a leaking, broken hottub sitting on their back deck. My feng shui studies—which consisted of reading library books and a deck of cards—indicated that this leaking tub was sitting in the money quadrant of their house. I’ll never know for certain whether feng shui was at play or if it was chance, but after they remodeled their back deck and ousted the dysfunctional spa, their financial affairs improved.

While banking on feng shui’s ability to boost cash flow may not be as effective as other activities, it doesn’t hurt to dabble in ancient rituals with the intention of improving certain areas of your life.

Feng shui is a Chinese home organizing, aesthetic-focused system (or art depending on who you talk to) that is meant to improve positive energy flow, or chi. There are many facets of feng shui for those who want to play around with it. This article focuses on the use of color in the home.

Even outside of feng shui, in the western world of psychology, color has been found to affect mood and energy. Each of the feng shui elements—earth, fire, water, wood and metal—has corresponding colors.

Consider how the following colors could be used in a room to elicit chi. The first five are yin colors, bringing relaxation and healing, while the last five are yang colors, providing enthusiasm and motivation. Yang colors are most frequently associated with the elements of fire and wood.

Blue, the color of the expansive sky and sea, has calming yin-ergy. It is soothing and reflects healing, relaxation, trust, and peace. In feng shui, it is associated with exploration and adventure.

Purple is a color of protection and power. It is said to provide mental and physical healing. 

Green, the lush color of many plants, is nurturing, balancing and refreshing. It can provide balance, healing and harmony. It is peaceful and calming.

Black is associated in feng shui with money and career. Combine it with metal for a stronger effect. It also is a color of protection and power.

White is associated with poise, purity and confidence. It can be used to create calmness and is often paired with gold and silver.

Red is the fortune color, attracting respect and recognition to the user. It is also said to be the color of luck and joy.

Orange is said to strengthen concentration and provide a sense of purpose.

Yellow can bring warmth and cheerfulness to a room. But, be careful because too much bright yellow can be associated with anxiety. Keep the yellow mellow.

Tan, or pale earth tones, conceals emotions and portrays neatness.

Brown is considered to be grounding and a symbol of a hard worker.

To learn more about feng shui theory, visit your public library and pick up a few books:

  • Watsonville - 275 Main St. #100.
  • Scotts Valley - 251 Kings Village Rd.
  • Capitola - 2005 Wharf Rd.
  • Santa Cruz - 224 Church St.


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