5 Questions for Museum Director Nina Simon

It's her one-year anniversary and in this time this native Los Angelina has revitalized the Museum of Art and History and made it the gem of Downtown.


I was going to ask her five questions this week, but she did it herself on a blog she just published.

Check it out here and patch in some comments and kudos below to the woman who has lit the Museum on fire and made it more dynamic and participatory than almost any museum anywhere.

Just the word museum sounds static, but Simon has turned ours into a true cultural center, with people making art and music right there live, parties, digital cutting edge exhibits and a real local feel.

Here's her list of successes and failures.



Thanks, Nina. It's one big success in our eyes.

Nina Simon May 05, 2012 at 07:23 PM
Thanks for your support. And I'm always here for any questions you or anyone else has. The more engaged we all are, the better a community we'll build, right?


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