Can You Find Your Destiny in the Numbers?

Numerologist Susan Kirk says numerology is nothing like astrology. The numbers have vibrations.

Your numbers can change your life, according to numerologist Susan Kirk.

Numerology is a “tool of possibility, not a prediction” says Kirk.  This tool creates a personal chart of your life that is not predetermined, it is designed by how you live your life.  The purpose is to help you understand your inner self and why you experience particular opportunities and challenges.  Using this tool determines what actions need to be performed or eliminated to live a happy, fulfilling life. 

 Kirk has been practicing numerology since 1986.  She is also a spiritual counselor based in Santa Cruz County, whose goal is to deeply understand people while assisting in their self-awareness leading to peace and happiness in their lives. 

“A pivotal session happened to me early on in my career as a numerologist and it taught me a great deal,” says Kirk.

Kirk retold the story of a client who was a successful yet miserable woman on the edge of a total breakdown.  Her client was an adopted infant in China, raised in the U.S. by loving parents who gave her another name.  With this vital piece of information, Kirk created two charts—her client’s birth name and adopted name, which was used since she was three years old.  

“When she came for her session I had a strong feeling to ask her to lie down, close her eyes and listen," says Kirk." Without telling her exactly what I was reading I began to describe the qualities of her birth name. The energy of this chart was full of deep feminine aspects, receptivity, love, healing and relationships as keys to her happiness—it was a gentle chart. About 10 minutes into this process she sat up with tears streaming down her face and said, ‘Her. I want her!’”

In contrast, her client’s adopted name was all about power, manifestation, management and financial expression.  Though these are great qualities as well, this was not meant to make her life path and she knew this.  To be happier and at peace she needed to incorporate the softer side of her true nature. 

Numerology is often confused with astrology because it, too, requires a birth date but its reliance on vibrations and mathematic formulas sets it apart.  These vibrations are found in a person’s name and birthdate which has a great impact on a person’s personality and life experiences.

“It is sad the power of metaphysics has become such an ‘underground’ and misunderstood art,” she says.  “We are meant to be happy and successful in life and good use of metaphysical tools such as numerology are here to help us achieve these states of well-being as we struggle through the peaks and valleys. I don’t use numerology as a tool of prediction but rather a tool of recognition of ones divine nature.”

Kirk’s advice to all her clients is to trust your soul to guide you in decisions you make while being aware of your thoughts and feelings.  We must never hold onto the past and instead, learn from it then let go.  Try not to blame or hold judgement—simply forgive and keep a distance from those who caused pain.  And most importantly, always let life’s outcome reveal the bigger plans it has for you. 

To learn more about Susan Kirk or numerology, visit her website http://www.susankirk22.com


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