Letter to the Editor:

Big 5 Oil Companies Planning to Pay Price on Carbon

ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, BP and Shell include a price on carbon for their long-term financial plans says a new report by the environmental data company CDP in the New York Times.  The fact that the biggest oil companies in the U.S. see a future tax on their carbon pollution as an inevitable part of their financial future makes me hopeful that change is on the horizon.  If 29 companies are planning ahead for their financial future by facing up to the reality of the times, why should we?  Let’s plan now to transition to more sustainable and affordable means of transportation and industrialization.  Whether you have shareholders to consider or just your own family and lifestyle, you can start a transition now so that it’s not such a big disruption when prices spike. 


Martha Dyer

Teacher Librarian

Santa Cruz County




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