Synergy Caregiver of the Month

Rock Star Tanya, Synergy Santa Cruz
Rock Star Tanya, Synergy Santa Cruz
Our Synergy HomeCare Santa Cruz Care Team member for the month of November is Tanya Waltrip. She has been the companion of a client in Scotts Valley who is in the early stage of dementia, and has made a huge difference in his life in a very short time. From nonverbal and watching TV all day to buddying with Tanya, going on photographic walks, playing Trivial Pursuit, and teaching her how to bluff in poker, the client has made wonderful progress in just a few sessions with her! Tanya has amazing patience and empathy, continues to seek activities that he will enjoy, and even reported safety hazards in the yard when she arrived. Tanya is a Rock Star, thank you so much!
Connie Lynn Torres December 20, 2013 at 09:17 AM
Tanya I have always been proud of you and known your were capable of amazing things, but I have never been more proud than now. This proves what I have always said. " You have a great talent for caring for people" There is a special thing inside you that lets you know JUST what a person needs. They are right. You are a rock star.


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