What Should Go Here, Milpitas?

What kind of business would you like to see in this Main Street location?


A large property located at 592 Main Street is available for rent.

Formerly housing the Rejuvenation Institute, a skin care and hair removal center, this property offers prospective renters an abundance of opportunities with its size and Main Street location. 

What business would you like to see here? Or what kind of businesses does Milpitas need more of?

Perhaps Milpitans would love to see this rental turned into another Asian grocery store... I didn't think so.

But what about an art center, youth center or something for Milpitas' 15,000-plus youths? How about turning this space into a "sick" hangout for skaters, since the Vans skateboard park Milpitas use to house is now closed?

Or perhaps something for a more adult crowd to enjoy, like a gentlemen's or ladie's club?

How do you envision this property taking shape? Share your ideas in the comments section. 

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Allysson July 26, 2012 at 07:04 PM
artist studios/art gallery - there's lots of big windows for natural light! And its right next to a little parkway, so it would make it a nice area to wander around, have art shows, etc. This is something we DON'T have yet! Alternatively, some kind of natural foods store - Whole Foods is a stretch, they just announced locations for the next year, most east coast/midwest (one in CA - Palm Dessert), but some of their competition might be interested.
Corinne Speckert July 26, 2012 at 08:33 PM
Those are good ideas, Allysson. I especially like the the art gallery idea. I saw the lil' parks nearby when I was taking the photos and can imagine going to a gallery opening, sipping wine and enjoying the park views :)


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