June Noise Complaints on Par with Prior Years

Figures released by the Santa Cruz Police Department show the west beat was most heavily impacted by party/noise calls last month.

The has released their tally of party/noise calls by beat for June. With a total of 300 calls, police spokesman Zach Friend said last month's numbers are in line with previous years.

"Generally June is a slightly higher month than the other months of the year because of school getting out," Friend said. "The west beat usually has the highest number of calls."

Here is the number of calls received by beat:

  • Beach: 22
  • Central: 57
  • Downtown: 12
  • East: 58
  • West: 151

For a look at the beats' boundaries, check out this map on the SCPD website.

June, Friend said, is only rivaled by September in terms of party/noise complaints thanks to UC Santa Cruz coming back into session. However, students certainly find other times to celebrate—loudly—during the year.

"We definitely see increases during finals, even during the one week in March before spring break," Friend noted. "Also right before Christmas break, we see a spike then too."

Friend said the SCPD averages between 240 and 300 party/noise calls a month, though not all of them are to break up a soiree.

"They could just be loud stereos or people setting of [fireworks] in their backyards," he said. "They generally are associated with parties and loud music."

As part of the department's efforts to mitigate noise, Friend mentioned UCSC's Good Neighbor Initiative and the "Party Small—Gnome" campaign.

Both are aimed at making students aware of their impact in the neighborhoods where they live and increasing communication between students and community members.

Friend said the university also runs an overtime reimbursement program, providing the SCPD with funds to cover officers' time responding to noise and partying calls.

Campus police and staff have also participated in SCPD ride-alongs, he said, to gain a sense of how students' partying affects neighborhoods.

For those wishing to make a party/noise call, Friend said not to hesitate to call 911.

"Don't feel like you should only call 911 for an emergency," he said. "Anytime you want an officer to respond, call 911."


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