Man Arrested for Setting Fires Around County Building

Sheriff's deputies reviewed video tapes of a man setting fires in trash cans and triggering sprinklers.


Sheriff's deputies didn't have far to go to arrest Lee Wilson, 54, Tuesday for allegedly setting three fires over the weekend around the county administration building.

He was already in jail for public intoxication after being arrested Saturday.

Earlier Saturday deputies said they found trashcans on fire around the building, including one on the front steps and another on the San Lorenzo Park footbridge.

They said that Wilson, a transient, admitted setting them when he was questioned Tuesday, as he was about to be released on the drunk in public charge. One of the fires caused some flooding by triggering sprinklers at the building, but damage was minimal, deputies said.

FROP May 09, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Give him the chair. If he wants to get warm so bad.. I'm joking.. I know lee.. he's the nicest guy ever.. lee is jesus.. the money changers are not bob dobbs.. freak power.. resod the streets!!
Brian May 09, 2012 at 08:20 PM
he gets drunk and does stupid things in the name of jesus(catholic church idol incident), then goes sober for a long time, then gets drunk and does something stupid again. hes a veteran psychiatric patient. sad situation, doesnt belong in jail, and is perfectly normal god fearing man when sober. Im sure he will accept responsibility for any damages and pay the costs. sad situation


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