Pizza My Heart Offers 30 Percent of Proceeds to Bryan Stow's Family

The pizza chain will donate 30 percent of every order from 4-9 p.m. Tuesday.

Two fundraisers for Santa Cruz assault victim have been quickly set up by friends and coworkers.

On Tuesday, all Pizza My Heart stores will give 30 percent of purchases from 4-9 p.m. to the family if customers mention Bryan Stow. The chain, which started in Capitola, has a branch at 1116 Pacific Ave. in Santa Cruz. It has two in Capitola: 209 Esplanade and 2180 41st Ave. 

Mention Bryan when you order or print out the flier on the right. Find out more at a website devoted to him here.

On Wednesday, there will be a fundraising barbecue at the paramedic company, EMR, at 1670 Las Plumas Ave. in San Jose that will last from noon to 8 p.m.

Stow is the paramedic who was attacked and critically injured while wearing Giants paraphernalia outside the Los Angeles ballpark on opening day.

Dave Wexler April 07, 2011 at 04:50 AM
Jacob: I contacted "Pizza My Heart" (the name says a lot) by e-mail. Chuck, the proprietor, responded to me twice. Here's some of what he shared with me (paras removed). Could you share this with your readers? Me: "I truly wish to express to you how I feel about what you have undertaken with regard to Bryan Stow and his family. From personal experience, I know the impact you are making. You...must feel... very proud of your efforts. If I lived out west, your pizza shop would be my pizza shop. Are there any locations of your shop near the hospital where Bryan (along with his family) is being cared for? "We were very happy to do it. There were tears in their eyes when we presented a check for $20,000 this afternoon. We don't have any shops near the hospital. He is in Los Angeles and we are only in Northern California. His family does live in Santa Cruz, where we have one of our original stores. In fact, one of our drivers delivered a pizza to Bryan's grandmother last night. The driver gave her the pizza and a hug and both were in tears. Thanks for the nice note. Chuck, "The Big Cheese" A portion of my response: "My pleasure. Although I wish this had never happened, I’m honored to be in your presence (in a small way) in support of his family....Is there a photo of the check presentation? If so, can you send me a copy or tell me where I can view a copy? Chuck: "Check our 'Pizza My Heart Fan page for photo of check and 3 of our great employees." Me: "Done!"
Katie McKee April 07, 2011 at 05:11 AM
The Dodger money is for a possible circumstance, and goes to the witness. The Giant money goes to Bryan and his family. Which do you think his family would prefer right now? His brother's comments to the press indicate that they believe this to be a random act of violence, and their focus is on keeping positive for Bryan, not seeking punishment for the attackers.
Katie McKee April 07, 2011 at 05:17 AM
I just left there, after thanking one of the owners for all they have done. Watched American Idol. Holly and Hunter were there. Hunter got to see Daddy on the big screen! They handed out all natural ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Love PMH!
Sharyn April 08, 2011 at 12:44 AM
We are not sure you want to send info on everyone willing to help Bryan Stow...?? We are big baseball fans. Unfortunately, we cannot donate cash but can do profits from sales for a 2-3 week period of time. Go to: www.youravon.com/sharynsimmons (Independent Sales Rep) Once at website, go to tab 'online events' and find the event 'for Bryan Stow'. Click on event, shop and a minimum of 25% will be donated during each campaign. Direct delivery preferred. We will send donations raised to the SF Police Credit Union as mentioned in patch news today. Effective today thru 4/27. Thanks. (Note: depending on sales, the 25% could increase - it's whatever profits comes in from the link )
Dave Wexler April 08, 2011 at 05:53 AM
Sharyn: I'm not sure I understand your post: "We are not sure you want to send info on everyone willing to help Bryan Stow...??" Firstly, who are you referring to?


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