Police Arrest Seven for Elder Abuse, Drugs, Theft

Aaron Hamrick
Aaron Hamrick
Detectives looking for a bicycle chop shop on the 400 block of La Fonda Avenue ended up arrested seven people for drugs and elder abuse.

Santa Cruz Police found the home's owner, 59, lying in his own urine and feces. He was hospitalized. 

Meanwhile, they said, others staying in the home were taking advantage of him and using it as a base for criminal activity. They arrested seven for possession of drugs, stolen property and not reporting elder abuse.

Arrested were Shana DiMartinino, 37, for possession of heroin, maintaining a drug house, elder abuse and probation violations; Susan Husted, 49, for elder abuse and maintaining a drug house; John Dowden, possession of methamphetamine and elder abuse and probation violation; Adelma Dowden, 49, for possession of stolen property, probation violation, elder abuse; Perry Brown, for outstanding warrants; Jodi Widman, 30, for heroin and resisting arrest and delaying an officer; and Aaron Hamrick, 37, for narcotics, selling wihin 1,000 feet of a school, transporting drugs and a stun gun, elder abuse and maintaining a drug house.
home_sc_dc@yahoo.com June 15, 2013 at 11:45 PM
Shame on them! This is outrageous!Drug addicts go figure!I certainly hope they get what is justified for abusing an incent human bean! Shame,shame on them! I hope the abused can heal .Bless those of elder abuse. And may another never have to go through this kind of heartless treatment!Good job to the Detectives and Santa Cruz Police! I have been a person who has done many many years of in home care and this really makes me sick!


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