Shooting Victim Had Extensive Criminal History

Nathan Connally was no stranger to local law enforcement before being slain on Thursday morning.

Nathan Connally, the 19-year-old man , had his share of interaction with police in his short life.

Connally was featured in Patch's . The Live Oak resident was wanted by the Santa Cruz Police Department for possessing stolen goods found in his house during a probation search. 

Five days after Patch publicized his warrant, Connally, who was 5 feet 9 and 145 pounds, . According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Connally was seen on the 300 block of Berry Street on July 19 and evaded police through several backyards on Emeline Avenue. Although police roped off the neighborhood and asked all residents to stay indoors while they searched for him, they were unsuccessful in arresting Connally that night. He was apprehended the next day.

In August, 2010, Connally was arrested for suspicion of robbery, false imprisonment and conspiracy after he pointed a BB gun at a motorist and demanded money. While he was accompanied by a 16-year-old at the time of the crime, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that it was Connally, then 18, that held the gun.

Detectives from the Santa Cruz Sheriff's Department are still investigating multiple leads. According to a Friday morning release, the department "believe[s] there are witnesses to the shooting who have important information about the homicide, but they are not currently making themselves available to assist investigators." They are asking that anyone with information on Connally call 831-454-2311, email shf236@co.santa-cruz.ca.us or call the anonymous tip line at 831-454-2487.

An informational meeting for residents of the apartment complex where the shooting occurred is being planned for Monday.

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Bubba Finklestein April 27, 2012 at 02:02 AM
As they say in Texas, some people just need killing.
lanessa July 01, 2012 at 11:46 AM
How dare you speak ill of my son yes he was a theif and made mistake but i loved him to death i wish we could have change places.Thanks a lot to fools like you, he never wants disrespected me or called me out of my name 1 HE WAS GOOD BUT MADE WRONG MISTAKES BECAUSE OF ME BEING POOR. I made him get rid of his gone long before he was murder thats how much he loved me those or charges but a 19th year old could do worse with out a father. SHAME ON YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH A LONG LIFE. I loved nathan connnally forever always and fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lanessa July 01, 2012 at 12:02 PM
How dare you did my son ever kill any one or even carry a weapon ,i know stolen property is big and wrong,nate was good not a murder,drug dealer and as his mom not one time did he ever call me a bitch or lay hands on me.So you are telling me someone which two guys or friends of his is okay to shoot him twice and die alone at nineteen, a new father and the best son ever with out a father!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU AND WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT MY SON DESERVES TO BE A LIVE SO MUCH IM WILLING TO UT MY LIFE ON IT COWARD.you think about the love ones my sons not a criminal and so far paris and kevin is in jail his suppose to be friends and now theres a third person i guess hes invisiable patrick, wilson and who ever else is on the case my mind is blank like yours. Theres a fuckin lawsuit coming.
Lanessa wallace July 12, 2012 at 08:56 AM
Nathan was my baby and only son willow thanks a.lot for not judging him.Eveveryone is comment on him ,the truth is I raise him all a lone with out family or his father he was making a new life for his son and girl.He wasnt a murder our family lived all over the place I kept them intouch with nathan life I apologize for my disrepectful language.I am very hurt ,cofused and just want just my son was only ninetheen please help me get justice n easy my heart a lil! Drew yes nate was your lil cousin the last time u or your family seen us he was about nine..It would have been nice to ha ve a male role model times like these is when family should come.together thanks
Marriah Edwards August 13, 2012 at 08:00 AM
This is Marriah. Nathan's sister. I always wished i would see my brother again. I always dreamed about the day that i would finally find him. i hoped he would still be my best friend and not hate me with all the lies that were spread by people. Nathan had a good home when he was younger. however lies were spread to him to make him hate his family. To hate the man who raised him... his father... while his mother was off doing god knows what. Lanessa, Nathan could have grown up with a father, you took that away from them and for that I will always Hate you, you took my brother away from me, my best friend. and now i can never see him or talk to him again, Because of you and some fuck off the street. now why dont all yall stop bagging on my brother and stop calling him a theif. Remember his good memories. Remember the happy moments because thats what Ive been doing. and please if anyone knows what happend please please please report it to the police. Let my big brother rest in peace. Give me some peace to know the fucker that did this will rot in jail. I love you Nathan!


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