Alleged Car Thieves Arrested On Button Street While Dismantling Car

Santa Cruz Police officers arrest a trio for stolen property and drug possession.


Three people were arrested Friday and booked into Santa Cruz County jail after Santa Cruz police discovered Robert Clamon, 33, of Marina, dismantling a stolen car, according to Lt. Larry Richard.

Police said they contacted Clamon on Friday around 3:30 p.m. and found him dismantling a recently stolen vehicle on the 200 block of Button Street.

Property belonging to Clamon and to Domenika Galpren, 24, was found inside the vehicle, also according to Richard.

Police located Galpren, of Aptos, nearby, and learned she had been arrested on Wednesday for possession of another stolen vehicle, and only released from jail on Thursday.

Clamon was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, and Galpren for possession of a stolen vehicle and committing a felony while on court release.

A third woman with Galpren, Shelby Pinther, 20, of Santa Cruz, was arrested on a warrant and for possession of heroin. 


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