Transient Swinging Makeshift Weapon Charges Officer on Chico Ave.

Homeless man arrested for alleged battery of officer Thursday night.

Photo credit: Santa Cruz Police Department.
Photo credit: Santa Cruz Police Department.
A Santa Cruz Police Department officer, who was responding to a noise disturbance Thursday night on Chico Avenue, was attacked by a homeless man wielding a makeshift weapon of rope and metal spikes, police said.

The unidentified officer spotted and called out to transient Jamie Smith, who reportedly set up an illegal campsite and was standing behind a tree in an empty field on the 200 block of Chico, police said.

Smith reportedly charged the officer, running at him with a braided rope with four 8-inch spikes tied to the ends.

The officer raised his arm to protect his head and face, but the spikes did strike and injure his arm, police said. Police said a struggle ensued, with the officer getting Smith to the ground and holding him down until back-up units arrived and assisted with the arrest.

The officer was treated and released at Dominican Hospital for injuries to his arm and back.

Smith was booked in Santa Cruz County Jail on suspicion of battery of an officer and resisting with force an arrest. 
Pat Kittle March 16, 2014 at 12:41 PM
The officer would have been entirely justified in using lethal force. The bum should consider himself very lucky (assuming he wasn't attempting suicide-by-cop).
Johnny at the Harbor March 16, 2014 at 01:31 PM
Another stinking lousy BUM committing a FELONY by attacking and possibly seriously injuring a Police Officer just trying to do is duty...Like Pat said, its a good thing this scumbag didn't one right between the eyes....BUMS??? its 90% of our crime friends..and you are friends, because BUMS don't read the newspaper....close down that crime ridden BUM center on Coral St. before it destroys our wonderful city.... Johnny at the Harbor BUM hater....


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