Accused Wallet Snatchers Stopped at Costco; Residents Catch A Suspected Thief

From SCPD: A still of Costco video of suspect reportedly taking wallet from an open purse.
From SCPD: A still of Costco video of suspect reportedly taking wallet from an open purse.
Two Sacramento women were arrested around noon Saturday after reportedly stealing wallets from unsuspecting shoppers at Costco, according to police.

From store surveillance video, the Santa Cruz Police Department said it determined one of the suspects unsuccessfully attempted to steal a wallet from an unattended handbag in a cart, then moved to another cart and purse where she lifted the wallet. 

Synsaysha Thomas and Iesha Brown, both 20, were arrested after initially attempting to flee from Costco security, police said.   

They were booked into Santa Cruz County Jail for suspected conspiracy to commit burglary (a burglary since they entered the store with the intent to commit theft) and possession of stolen property, police said. Thomas also reportedly gave a fake name and was also charged with false personation of another, police said.

The stolen wallet was returned to the victim.

In another case on Saturday, a Boulder Creek woman, 32, was arrested after Eastside neighbors called police at 9 a.m. to report suspicious activity. 

The suspect, Candace Jones, was first spotted in the 100 block of Fernside where she reportedly entered a home and was confronted by the resident, police said. That individual called 911.

Meanwhile, another 911 call came from a resident, also in the 100 block of Fernside, where Jones allegedly was seen inside a vehicle that was not hers.

And a final call came in from the 200 block of Brookside where  Jones was cornered inside a car by residents who said they saw her rummaging through the interior, police said. 

The residents were alerted by a motion sensor alarm, and stood guard until police arrived. 

Jones was allegedly found to be in possession of $800, two sets of car keys that belonged to residents in the area, and a garage door opener to a nearby home in the area, officers said.   

Police also recovered a bicycle taken from a garage of one of the homes.

Jones has previous arrests for theft, burglary and auto theft, police said, and is on felony probation with a clause stating she cannot possess keys that are not hers.  


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