One-Night, Undercover Sting in Santa Cruz Nets Alleged Local 'Johns', 'Visiting' Prostitutes, Heroin & Meth

Anthony Horne of Santa Cruz. Photo: Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime Team’s Narcotics Task Force.
Anthony Horne of Santa Cruz. Photo: Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime Team’s Narcotics Task Force.

A one-night, joint-police-agency undercover sting in Santa Cruz resulted in the arrest of five out-of-town females -- including a minor -- and three "Johns" from Santa Cruz for suspected prostitution activities, according to the Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime Team’s Narcotics Task Force.

The SCCACT-NTF, in conjunction with the SCCACT-Gang Task Force (GTF) and Santa Cruz Police Department on March 21 conducted the "throughout the Night" operation to combat prostitution-related concerns in the City of Santa Cruz. 

SCCACT deployed undercover agents and police officers that posed as “prostitutes” and “Johns.”

One of the females arrested was in reported possession of a methamphetamine pipe, police said, and after booking into the county jail, she also gave false identifying information.

Her true information listed her as a juvenile from Stockton, and SCCACT officers said they removed her from the county lock-up and re-booked her into Juvenile Hall, with additional charges of providing false information to officers. 

Three male “Johns” were arrested after allegedly soliciting an undercover police officer for sex during the operation, police said. 

One man, 41 year-old Anthony Horne of Santa Cruz, was suspected of also being in possession of 0.6 grams of heroin and 0.3 grams of methamphetamine, and was additionally booked for those violations, police said.

Those arrested did not appear to be associates, said authorities, confirming the suspected trend over the past few years of prostitution in the Santa Cruz area, police said.   

Region-wide law enforcement reports encountering criminal enterprises, and in some areas criminal street gangs, that operate sophisticated prostitution and human trafficking rings, authorities said.  

Often these organizations or gangs rotate their prostitution operations from town to town throughout the state to avoid local law enforcement scrutiny.

 Unfortunately, police added, these underground organizations profit from victimizing teens and young adults while ensnaring them in a high-risk lifestyle that exposes them to further victimization or engagement in other criminal activities.

The suspects arrested in the Santa Cruz operation, according to SCCACT-NTF:

  • 41 year-old Horne of Santa Cruz – arrested for suspicion of Loitering to Solicit Prostitution, Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Heroin;
  • 54 year-old Robert Hammond of Santa Cruz – arrested for suspicion of Loitering to Solicit Prostitution; 
  • 23-year-old Mario Linares-Aparicio (no photo available) of Santa Cruz – arrested for suspicion of Loitering to Solicit Prostitution; 
  • 23 year-old Christye Nance of Vallejo – arrested for suspicion of Loitering for Prostitution; 
  • 21 year-old Antoinette Garcia-Torres of San Leandro - arrested for suspicion of Loitering for Prostitution; 
  • 17 year-old juvenile (name withheld - no photo released) of Stockton - arrested for suspicion of Loitering for Prostitution, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Providing False Information to a Peace Officer;
  • 22 year-old Lindsey Shandrika of Stockton - arrested for suspicion of Loitering for Prostitution  
  • 22 year-old Maryann Davis of Sacramento - arrested for suspicion of Loitering for Prostitution.

Johnny at the Harbor March 25, 2014 at 10:20 AM
Now there some cute faces...Yeah right!!! how hard up are these losers to want some of that??? Lord knows how many STDs these fine upstanding women have..did I say "fine"...sorry..good job SCPD on ridding our city of this vermin..and to the loser Johns they caught?? Hows that pic in the paper and net working out for ya?? Johnny at the Harbor At it again..
Margarette March 25, 2014 at 01:38 PM
The barrage of porn excites men to a constant lust for easy pieces of tail. Women are turned off by men desiring them for flash flesh fun. Rarely do you hear of John's getting arrested for paying for sex.... Is it because they own "house whores", or, is it because they it's a right as a man to pay for what they want?
Hugh Blair March 26, 2014 at 07:57 AM
So they arrested a minor who was likely trafficked? What is wrong with this? The whole approach to dealing with sex work is wrong. Every day across the country men and women are arrested for prostitution and related actions. Why are these people, both sex workers and their clients so vilified and harassed? Society's view of sex has changed over the years. It now accepts more public display and discussion about things sexual. With all the openness and heightened exposure of sex in the media and general public, the oldest element of sex, prostitution, still lives in the shadows. Both prostitutes and their customers are reviled and forced to operate in the margins of this otherwise open society. What does who one has sex with and whether or not the sex is paid for have to do with their qualification for public or private position? Rather than fall back on the tired bromides and sensationalism of the plastering it appears that society is beginning to take another look at sex work, sex workers and those who patronize them. Why is prostitution against the law? Where is the crime when two adults agree to have sex in exchange for money? This isn’t trafficking, which isn’t a sex crime but is a human rights abuse. Those forced into sex work should not be charged with prostitution but should be rescued from the traffickers. These laws allow too many dehumanize sex workers. If they aren't looked on as having the same rights as the rest of society then those who prey on women find easy targets in sex workers. Today sex workers and their customers are marginalized and viewed through a distorted lense. They are dehumanized and as a consequence it is too easy to take advantage of or abuse them. We need to recognize they are members of our society with the same wants and needs as everyone. Many if not most add to society in a positive manner, paying taxes, raising families adding to the economy etc. Legalizing will allow escorts the opportunity to contact police when they need to. Right now they can't because no matter why they call they are subject to arrest. Believe me escorts who are in the business for themselves are as against trafficking as you are. Legalization will allow escorts to be removed from the criminal element. Just like gambling, and alcohol and other so called vices, when legalized prostitution will be no longer a vehicle of the mob or pimps or gangs. Watch the documentary "American Courtesans", a movie where sex workers, their families and even customers have a chance to speak about their lives. It is powerful, fascinating and has been shown in film festivals all over the world including the ECU festival in Paris and Women's International festival in Miami and won awards for best editing and best documentary. The producer Kristen DiAngelo is also a sex worker/activist. Kristen DiAngelo is a voice for the rights of all sex workers and has launched The American Courtesans Project www.the-ac-project.com to bring light and humanity to the world of sex work. She is giving lectures at Rutgers and San Francisco State later in the year. 'American Courtesans' is available in over 100 million homes across the US and Canada -- including on some of the largest cable systems in the country and iTunes , Amazon, Google+ and Hulu. It is also available on DVD and BluRay on www.americancourtesans.com and ebay.


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