Wanted by Santa Cruz PD: The Muffin Man, The Tide Pod Peddler and The Bicycle Thief

Costco incident: Booze suspected of being hidden under all the cardigans and muffins. Photo: SCPD.
Costco incident: Booze suspected of being hidden under all the cardigans and muffins. Photo: SCPD.

The Santa Cruz Police Department is turning to the public to help identify three individuals suspected in separate thefts around town and reportedly caught on video-surveillance cameras.

The first case involves a shopper, white male in his early 20s, about 6 feet tall and thin, at Costco suspected of shoplifting a bottle of Hennessy liquor.  

"Don’t be confused by my muffins I am carrying," writes the police of the suspect in the photo, who allegedly had the booze stashed underneath his multiple sweaters. And after leaving the building, police said he got into a fight with store employees, who tried to detain him, and lost a shoe in the process.
Call Officer Carly Cross or Investigations with a tip in this case.

In the second incident at Walgreen's, police said a suspect shoplifted little Tide Detergent pods and boxes of toothpaste, then, once outside, tried to sell the loot to unsuspecting customers at a discount.

Police said he fled on a yellow mountain bike when confronted by store employees.

If you recognize him, call Officer Adrienne Heebner or investigations.  

In the third case, a male carrying a black backpack with a Nike logo allegedly used bolt cutters (hidden inside the backpack) to cut a cable lock on an expensive bicycle and then took off on it, police said. 

The stolen bicycle is a black and red Giant 650Z 27 mountain bike, according to police.

Images from surveillance video purportedly show the suspect scanning the area before the theft, police said, and video also shows the male riding away on the bike. 

If you recognize suspect No. 3, or perhaps bought the bike from him, contact Officer Ben Whaley or SCPD Investigations team.

SCPD phone: 831-420-5800. 


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