Big Names in Local Politics Hit the Beach to Support Lifeguards and Prop 30

"This could be devastating," County Supervisor Mark Stone told the crowd gathered in the cool afternoon.

Schools are threatened, police are threatened and lifeguards are also endangered, if Proposition 30 doesn't pass, local legislators said at a rally at Twin Lakes Beach Tuesday.

Residents and politicians joined to ask voters to cast a yes on the proposition to raise a quarter of a cent sales tax for four years for money to help toward balancing the state budget and keeping services.

“Last year alone, nearly 150 people were rescued by Santa Cruz County’s state beach lifeguards,” said Bonny Hawley, executive director of Friends of the State Parks.

“If Prop 30 fails, Santa Cruz County will feel a major impact. We have more state parks and beaches than any other county in California. So we are raising awareness about the lifeguards provision in Prop 30 by holding today’s community rally. Lifeguards are absolutely vital, for both locals and for visitors who come here from throughout California.”

Among those who attended were Santa Cruz County Supervisors Mark Stone and Neal Coonerty; Santa Cruz Mayor Don Lane and Council Member Katherine Beiers; Santa Cruz City Schools Board President Ken Wagman and Trustees Deb Tracy-Proulx and Claudia Vestal; Santa Cruz Port Commissioners Toby Goddard and Steve Reed; and Santa Cruz Education Foundation leader Suz Howells.


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