City of Santa Cruz Launches Facebook and Twitter Pages

Now you can connect with the city through their own social media sites.

The City of Santa Cruz has joined the world of social networking by creating Facebook and Twitter pages.

The city intends to use their social media to connect directly with residents, businesses and visitors, to inform the community about services offered by the City and to provide information about upcoming events.

Officials also hope the community will share their stories and provide feedback on all manner of topics.

“The City has traditionally placed a high priority on engaging the community in our decision making process,” stated City Manager Martín Bernal. “We are excited about our Facebook and Twitter pages, as they provide us an opportunity to reach out to even more community members, encouraging wider civic participation. In addition, the pages have the potential to enhance City emergency preparedness and awareness efforts.”

To support the City of Santa Cruz Facebook page, other departments including Parks and Recreation, Library, Arts, Economic Development, Public Works and Police all have pages, as well as the Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women.

In addition, the Fire, Planning, Administrative Services and Water Departments are developing their own pages.


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