DA Files Felony Charges on Bank Occupiers

The protestors who took over the vacant Coast Commercial Bank building in November face felony charges and $5,000 bail.

In a sparse press release that didn’t even name the people charged, Santa Cruz District Attorney Bob Lee announced that his office has filed cases against some of the protesters who took over a vacant bank building at 75 River St. last November.

 “Charges against individuals include trespassing, conspiracy to commit trespass, and felony vandalism,” the four paragraph release said.

  “The investigation is ongoing. More people may be charged and more charges may be filed depending on the results of the continuing investigation.

  “The District Attorney's Office remains committed to enforcing the law, protecting private and public property, and holding people accountable for the destruction and illegal occupation of property.”

 There was more information available on Occupy Santa Cruz’s Facebook page, including the names of 11 people reportedly named in the charges. They came from one of the defendants, according to attorney Steve Pleich.

 “All of the following are named on Case No. F22196, Superior Court Complaint charged with felonies,” the site reported:

 “Robert Norris Kahn, Brent Elliott Adams, Franklin Cruz Alcantara, Bradley Stuart Allen, Alex George Darocy, Becky Ann Johnson, Desiree Christine Foster, Cameron Stephens Laurendeau, Edward Daniel Rector, Gabriella Celeste Ripleyphipps and Grant Garioch Wilson.”

 The Facebook site said that all were charged with felonies, except for Ripleyphipps, who was charged with a third misdemeanor for delaying an officer.

 The Occupy Santa Cruz report continued:

“Becky Johnson was arrested, handcuffed and taken from her home with pancakes burning on the stove around 10 am today. She is now in jail with $5000 bail needed, and David Silva for whom she is caretaking is alone at her house. Clearly the police don’t know who the #75 River occupiers were, or they are targeting people they don’t like, including the media. It is believed that Desiree and Brent were also arrested.

 District Attorney Lee couldn’t be reached at 6 p.m.

Marsha McCarthy February 11, 2012 at 06:58 AM
Let me know if you want to hear about a child Occupier....I've got a story. My son occupied Santa Cruz, Oakland, San Francisco..got pix and videos. I want to write his story!
frobert February 12, 2012 at 06:30 AM
I hope the DA has big enough teeth to bite Bob and Becky and the other jerks that thought this take over of private proprety was a good idea!


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