Lynn Robinson Named Mayor of Santa Cruz; Don Lane Vice Mayor

Lynn Robinson; Don Lane, Mayor and Vice Mayor
Lynn Robinson; Don Lane, Mayor and Vice Mayor
"It's music to my ears," said outgoing Mayor Hilary Bryant, as Vice Mayor Lynn Robinson was appointed mayor.

The city council, in an unwritten agreement, names a new mayor every year, based on the top vote-getters in past elections. The pair won their new seats unanimously.

The new mayor and vice mayor take over Dec. 10.

Robinson, who works as a landscaper by day, has served on the council since 2006. Her term ends in 2014.

She has served on Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG), the 
Conference and Visitors' Council, the Economic Development Council, the Santa Cruz Community Farmers Market, Inc., the National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Board and the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District Board.

According to her autobiography:

Lynn moved to Santa Cruz immediately after high school because she had spent every summer of her life at her Grandparent's house near Sunny Cove and she knew this was `home'. Lynn graduated from Cabrillo Jr. College, receiving academic scholarships to attend the San Francisco Art Institute. She transferred to UCSC, receiving my degree in studio arts in 1982. She put herself through school, always working hard, and had a very close relationship with my grandparents who passed away in the early 1980's. Her husband John's family first came to Santa Cruz in the 1980's, and Swift Street is named after his relatives.

Last year, Lynn loved being one of the organizers of the 2005 Santa Cruz High Basketball Championship Parade. It was an event that helped remind local residents of the important connection we have with our youth, our local schools and the community. That parade brought out some of the best qualities of this town, letting the SCHS Champs take center stage, and seeing the support of their city, as well as seeing so many local residents come downtown and be among many family and friends from throughout the years

Five years ago, Lynn helped to co-found Santa Cruz Neighbors, a successful city-wide coalition of concerned residents who join together to refocus our community's resources on what matters most for our residents and neighborhoods. Lynn has organized dozens of town hall meetings on important issues such as UCSC growth; neighborhood crime; traffic and development. With the police and fire departments she has helped to develop emergency response plans for neighborhoods city-wide.

For twenty years Lynn has worked with the community members and city agencies to solve problems. Lynn is known for her ability to carefully listen and work hard to meet the many diverse needs of residents and organizations in Santa Cruz.

She is not a politician or professor. Lynn is a nationally recognized organic garden designer, and a person whose passion is Santa Cruz. Lynn and John, have been married for 22 years, and have raised their children in the town they love. Lynn's family has been part of Santa Cruz for more than 120 years. 

Don Lane has served on and off the council since 1988. He was mayor in 1992 and 2012. His current term started in 2008. 

Tony Flagg November 26, 2013 at 11:04 PM
Maybe this town wouldn't be such a gang bangers delight if we actually elected our Mayor. Don Lane, please retire you've done enough damage.
Curtis Swain November 27, 2013 at 09:02 PM
Tony - "gang bangers delight"? Santa Cruz? Seriously? You need to spend some time in the Central Valley to know what a true "gang bangers delight" is.
Jim Donald November 29, 2013 at 02:20 PM
Don Lane? Ugh. Idiot. Perhaps we'll turn the entire town into a homeless shelter so the gangbangers have even more business.


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