Soquel Creek Water's Upcoming Meeting To Address Groundwater Emergency

The Soquel Creek Water District's Board Meeting is June 3 -- a public hearing to receive comments and consider declaring a groundwater emergency.
The meeting will also include a public hearing to receive comments on consideration of a moratorium and the Water Demand Offset Program.
Community members planning to attend the meeting and provide oral comments during the public hearing should submit written comments before the meeting.
Do you have input (a personal story or some data and insight) related to a groundwater emergency, moratorium in the District, or the Water Demand Offset Program that you'd like to share with the Board?
  • Do you think the District should declare a groundwater emergency?
  • Are you in favor or oppose a moratorium on new development or remodels requiring more water in the service area?
  • Have you lived in an area that had a moratorium and want to share your experiences and lessons learned?
  • The District’s Water Demand Offset Program requires a home/business that is adding water connections to retrofit and install water conserving fixtures somewhere else in the District so that new development will have no impact on the groundwater supply.  Do you think this is a fair approach to continuing to allow development?
When:     Tuesday, June 3, at 6 p.m.
Where:    New Brighton Middle School (250 Washburn, Capitola)

To submit a written comment, please email Karen Reese, Board Secretary, at karenr@soquelcreekwater.org. For a comment to be included in the board packet, it must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 29.

Comments that are delivered to the board immediately before the meeting will be accepted through 3 p.m. on Tuesday, June 3.  Oral comments at the meeting may be limited to no more than three minutes in length.   


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