What Roads Have the Most Speeders?

Where have you gotten nabbed? Where do you always get away with it? Where should there be more or less enforcement?

I got my first speeding ticket in ages on Labor Day, blasting down Highway 17 by Lexington Reservoir at 7 a.m.

The music was blasting. There was no traffic. I was heading to the airport to pick up beloved friends and I swear officer, 85 felt like 55 to me and was just as safe.

Yeah, right. He was so all business, it wasn't even worth a try.

If I had the time and guts, I'd to fight this one in court. Doesn't the law say that the speed limit is what's safe under road conditions?

No other cars, early sober morning, and driving well above the posted limit was just fine. Well, not for the CHP officer tucked away on a little dirt road above the last quarter of the hill into Los Gatos. He had a cottage industry picking off suckers like me.

Anyway, I'm afraid fighting the ticket would be like those guys who claim the Constitution doesn't mention the IRS and refuse to pay taxes. I've never heard of a happy ending for them.

There are places closer to home where it's almost impossible not to speed. and yes, the cops are well aware of them.

Heading down on Bay from UCSC, no one gets down to 30 m.p.h. fast enough, and the motorcycle officers are often there to help out.

Yeah, there are no quotas, they swear. But I have trouble believing they would keep their jobs if on their yearly evaluations the number of speeding tickets was what we would think of as refreshingly low.

There are spots where everyone seems to speed, not always safely.

I've seen too many race car drivers bear down on the Fishhook like they were in the last turn at Indy. And Portola Road, heading past the library and radio station and up that hill, can look like a nice spot to punch it.

The Sheriff's Department has come up with a nice way to slow people on the straightaway through the Cabrillo campus, by leaving an empty car there. At least, you hope it's empty if you are speeding.

Don't even get me started on that hill down into Watsonville. A just society would just make the limit 85 there and let us have some fun.

Where are the places you see the most speeders getting away with it? And where are the most dangerous curves where you'd like to see more cops keeping things in check?

Johnny at the Harbor October 23, 2012 at 03:37 PM
7th Ave in Santa Cruz ..tons of speeders..Its 25 MPH..not 50!!! but everyday ya can see em flying down the street....
Beth M October 23, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Market St and Grant St. But I have to agree, 7th Ave always has some hot rodders making noise. Park Ave has been known, for years, as the Capitola cops favorite ticket generating machine.
Gary Niblock October 24, 2012 at 12:49 AM
Day Valley Road in Aptos esp. going downhill from Freedom to McDonald Rd. You don't even have to put your foot on the gas pedal to be going 20 over. Over the years numerous road kills and one human being slain by a speeder. Needs it's own dedicated black and white permanently stationed on scene. Oh yeah, bicycle riders love it out here....just another target/obstacle.
Brad Kava October 24, 2012 at 06:45 AM
Someone emailed this to me, so I'm adding it here: Brad, Liked your article, but it is illegal to go faster than the speed limit, never mind the road conditions. 17 at Lexigton is 50 mph, not 55. The fishhook is 55, even though lower speeds are suggested. But be careful as right after you exit the speed limit drops. You ask where should there be more enforcement? Encinal street, from Limekiln to Sylvania is residential posted 25 mph. Every day UPS trucks, Costco shoppers, Costco delivery trucks, parents dropping off their kids at school, and hundreds of employees speed thru the homes there. Because they are commercial traffic they should not even be on that part of Encinal, let alone speeding past the homes. Sylvania turning right onto Encinal, most Costco shoppers, and many UPS trucks, don't even stop for the sign. Just sit there after the 8 am UPS driver saftey meeting and watch the drivers forget to stop, & then speed down Encinal street in their rush to get to the 9/1 traffic light... Sit there in the afternoon & watch Costco drivers blow right thru the stop sign. Coral street & Highway 9, many drivers will pull right out into the spot that is painted "keep clear" & park their cars blocking traffic. Just the other day a mom in a SUV with kids swore at me & used the F word when I pointed out she was blocking two lanes of traffic. Great example for those kids! Get some cops posted in these areas & they could make their quotas in an hour.


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