Cyntian mathews made motion...acknowledge the concerns the neighbors ahve a bout traffic and parking...other issues revolveing around public safety. i feel the neighbors concerns have had effect on the project. i think truly the extreme attention paid to a parking arrangment is truly responsive to the neighbors...

extend left turn lane..i feel the answers that were given answered the questions i had...

it is important to acknowlege it is an already approved project.

has a non residential use on it, very close to ocean street the main corridor to the beach with many many visitor serving uses on it..

thorough and thoroughly transparent...the quality of this project will make a difference in this neighborhood., video, security lighting, 24 hour presence..it will provide a level of eyes on the street, resourse and security that will be a general improvement to the area.

we are lucky to have local people with such a good track record willing to invest in our commuity and yes. to provice jobs and yes to provide revenue, but not solely...

this improves the quality and the mix of visitor faciliities in santa cruz/ a quality hotel will be a really good addition to what santa cruz can offer.

pamela...i see this hotel as improving th earead...and hopefully it will inspire other business owners to upgrade.

micah posner..i think the people best qualified to determine whether something will clean up a neighborhood are the people in the neighborhood...a hotel brings in a lot of outsiders...guy making a fire with plastic in his yard..got super drunk and was staying in a motel on ocean and had been out on pacific...

every hotel brings a neighbhorood down...a nice hotel just brings it down a little less...

how do we control it? through zoning. i saw there was no comercial activity zoned for our neighborhood...they want to put a hotel in that's not zoned for it. i dnt think that's the way to treat neighbors...i don't like forcing something on a neihborhood that it's not zoned for.

i don't think it fits with our general plan.

tyselling. message to developers you can buid in a place that's zoned for it...we have standards, we have maps, we tel people where to build things and then we have to stick by it.


that decision was already made a couple of years ago...now, to undue it owuld be really damaging both to the community and to the developer..i happen to know they've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars based on our approvael.

for example, he cited the elevators...


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