Reviving The Music Fan: (Getting) Into It. (Definitely Not) Over It.

   We all lust for peace of mind and often use music as a crutch to get through the hard times. Unfortunately a lot of the time, we receive the opposite of that as we blast songs that rub salt in our wounds and fill us with restless thoughts.

   The RTMF artist this week, Into It. Over It., proves it doesn’t always have to be that way. The scorned can gain some soothing relief as the serene strumming of an acoustic guitar blasts and music notes swirl around you in a dizzy cyclone of peace and introspective realizations.

   Evan Weiss, more commonly known by his moniker Into It. Over It., challenged himself in 2007 by writing one song for every week for a year starting of his 24th birthday, and setting the pace for his musical endeavors. Those songs were recorded and released on a double album in 2009 titled 52 Weeks.

   Since his debut work, Into It. Over It. has released several full length albums, including another themed album based on places that held memories for Weiss.

   Intriguing from his ambition alone, I was instantly drawn to Weiss as a person and curious as a music fan. After hearing my friend talk about it for the last few months, giving Into It. Over It. a listen may just be one of the best choices I’ve made all year.

   Weiss finds a sweet equilibrium of emo, pop punk, and indie as his soft voice fades into your ears and grasps your attention. Building snares, soothing guitars, and honesty in his words, this minstrel’s work reverberates from your ears to your soul. He alludes to broken relationships and perfectly illustrates the self-depleting actions we take part in.

   If you allow it, these songs will dig their way into your heart and claim a permanent spot for the remaining winter months –and maybe even longer. They’re the types of tracks that you can listen to as you sit back and relax while sipping on some warm, peppermint tea and think about the different relationships in your life (both romantic and not). Or is that just me?

    “Anchor” from 52 Weeks is like an overcast day. It has a slight hint of gloominess, but beyond that, there is sun and hope. The guitar comes in and hits your ears like the cool winter air grazes your face in February; soft and invigorating. Weiss’ strings hum as he alternates between chords and sings reassurance to a loved one. “And remember that it's OK/If we don't see eye-to-eye today/Cause I'll be there for you tomorrow.”

   Another winter-esque song is the sixth track on Into It. Over It.’s 2013 release Intersections, “The Shaking of the Leaves.” The song fades in like a sunrise, starting off hazy and lightening up as a sweet, serene guitar melody rolls in. A slightly sluggish bass keeps the rhythm slow as Weiss’ voice resembles that of Death Cab For Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard both in tone and execution.

   The restless and stormy-feeling “Midnight: Carroll Street” is another standout track. Melancholic guitars foreshadow a slightly forlorn individual as Weiss sings “It's somewhere between upset and sick it seems/To still find me the finest quality of pure anxiety.” The song enraptures all the doubt and distrust in a deteriorating relationship as each cymbal tap slices into you while every breath between chords opens you up more.

   Evan Weiss truly is a talented musician and lyricist, and I wish I had listened to Into It. Over It. sooner. Luckily there are plenty of songs for me to explore and continue to be smitten by. And I’m sure there will continue to be more because Into It. Over it. are “Putting Out Material Constantly. Touring Even More Constantly,” according to the official Facebook page.

   Solidifying the latter, Into It. Over It. are currently on tour with The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, and will be performing in San Francisco next Thursday, Jan. 30 at Bottom of the Hill. I’ll be there and hopefully you will be too.

Choice Tracks

  1.  Anchor
  2. The Shaking of the Leaves
  3. Midnight: Carroll Street


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