More Pictures from the Amazing and Touching Aptos Memorial Wall

There's the giant hand, with a plaque telling people to give it a high five...And they do. 

Today, people who walked and ran along the shore ended their lap with a big old hand slap from a wall-mounted statue. 

Here's a beautiful comment on yesterday's story from Patch reader Nicole:

"2 years ago, my husband, son and I moved to San Diego for my husbands job. Being born and raised in Santa Cruz and leaving my parents and family behind was hard (taking their only grandson at the time).

So we made a tile with my son's hand print on it and adhered it to the wall, so when my parents, who are in their 60's, walked their walk they could see it and be reminded how much we love and miss them.

 Somehow the tile broke. Not once, but twice! My parents sent my a pic from their phone and were saddened by what they saw. A week later they sent me another picture where someone (?) had glued the broken piece back on! Not once...but twice! It remains there to this day intact.

Such a beautiful thing that someone would take the time and effort to do this. It is not just a wall of remembered love ones, and etched memories. Its a wall that holds, captures and radiates love, friendship and compassion."

Handprint picture below...along with pictures of other memorials up today.


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