Surf's Up Inside the MAH Friday Evening

Tarp surfing demonstrations inside the atrium are just one of many attractions at the Museum of Art and History's 3rd Friday event: Art That Moves.

When the swell drops to nil in the summertime, local surfers get bored and nostalgic. Then they start playing with tarps.

It's a phenomenon that surfaced sometime in the 70's, although nobody knows exactly where or with who, and it spurred a group of locals to create a tarpsurfing video two summers ago. The video not only went viral, but earned them a People's Choice award and later, a Mountain Dew commercial.

"It was just like a silly little thing we put together we wanted to see if we could make some buzz happen, and we made some buzz happen," said Danny Keith, who set up a website tarpsurfing.com (now expired), and handled all of the media for what he calls a six month long "social experiment."

Keith teamed up with six or seven other local surfers and skaters to pull off the video, including pro surfers Nic Lamb, Homer Henard, Omar Etcheverry and Chris Killen. Read more HERE.

Tomorrow at the Museum of Art and History, a couple of the original tarp surfers will be giving demonstrations inside the atrium.

"It basically creates a barrel and it has the same angle as a wave. It gives you a pretty insane feeling like a wave, you get a 60 foot tarp and you end up being able to surf a pretty life size barrel," explained Keith. "...and for people that have never surfed before it's as close as you'll ever going to get to barrel."

The demonstration is one of dozens of demonstrations for the MAH's Third Friday theme Art That Moves which takes place Friday, September 21 from 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Other highlights include: Kite flying, Capoeira, Dancing Sculptures, Running Cartoon Workshops, Massage Trains, Cuban Style Salsa Lessons, Skateboard Deck Painting and much, much more. Make sure to click the above link for the full schedule.


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