City Pet Rules You May Not Know About

Summer is in full swing, and if you plan a play date with your pet around town, you better know the rules.

Summer is a season when we spend a lot of time with our furry loved ones. But do you know all the city rules for your pet?

In May 2010, the Gilroy City Council approved a new set of animal control regulations for pet owners in the Garlic City. 

According to Gilroy Police, the adopted regulations are currently in effect and will be enforced by the animal control officer and department personnel. Pet owners are encouraged to educate themselves about the regulations to promote responsible pet ownership and community safety.

In addition to the licensing requirement, pet owners are encouraged to microchip their pets. This second form of identification allows department staff to reunite lost or found pets with their owners.

Here is a list of some of the adopted regulations:

• All dogs must be licensed and vaccinated for rabies by the age of 4 months.
• All dogs and cats must wear identifying tags when out in public.
• All dogs must be on a leash when out in public. The leash must be capable of restraining at least four times the weight of the restrained dog.
• Dogs are not permitted to run around neighborhoods or on trails without a leash and under the control of a responsible owner.
• If your pet defecates in a public place or on someone’s private property, other than your own, you are required to pick up and dispose of the feces in a waste bin.
• Dogs can be classified as a “dangerous dog” based on their behavior.
• There is a mandatory spay/neuter program for all Pit Bull breeds at 4 months of age, with a few exceptions.
• Pets may be licensed at the Gilroy Police Department or on-line at www.petdata.com

A copy of the regulations can be found here.

For questions regarding the rules please contact the Animal Control Officer at (408) 846-0338. To report an animal problem, a found dog or lost dog, please call the Gilroy Police Department at (408) 846-0350

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Corinne Speckert August 02, 2012 at 05:09 PM
Very informative! This is information pet owners should definitely be aware of. Thanks for posting this :)


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