The Bus Driver, The Dilemma, and The Choice

The Bus Driver

Hello all and Welcome! I am The Bus Driver. I am a 26-year-old mother of the most amazing creature I have ever met in my life. She is the Princess of the Moon. :) I have lived in Santa Cruz, CA, one of the most beautiful places known to man, for the past 7 years. I am originally from Pasadena, CA, another super charming and historical place. My unique experience has shaped my outlook on all things considered.

Not only do I have the familial and financial responsibilities that come with heading a family, but I am also in my late twenties with the dreams and aspirations of an Early Great. I intern at KSCO AM 1080, a conservative talk radio station. And I hope to begin my trek to finish my Communication Studies degree at San Jose State University (#SJSU) this upcoming January. And this, my friends, is where my dilemma arises. What to be or not to be?, that is the question.

The Dilemma

Being a bus driver is great! Lucky for me, I don't have to deal with many people that push my buttons to the point that I want to "upper-cut" them (look up YouTube video) and risk losing my job and the perks that come along with it. I get to drive in a beautiful beach town where most of everyone is happy on a daily basis trying to get where they have to go. On occasion, I have to deal with people not taking their meds or the local meanie not wanting to return my “welcome aboard” greetings. But other than that, I've got it made. My customers love me and I love them.

As great as this job is, though, I thoroughly enjoy academia and the mental arousal it brings. Unfortunately, bus driving has no place in its job description for that. In order to scratch my itch for intellectual stimulation, I busy what free time I do have with interning and school. My ambition to be successful in the communications field far surpass my desires to achieve 20 years of good driving for METRO and, again, my dilemma surfaces.

Should I drive for the next 25 years, putting trust and faith that the whole system METRO is built on will still be around and stable enough to pay me my promised pension OR should I pursue other activities in fields I think I like hoping that I can come up with a way to create the stable financial future I desire.

The Choice

I truly believe The Choice has been made already. Not by me, but by this Universe. It is like when everything falls into place so perfectly you cannot question if it is meant to be, you just know it is. As predetermined as this "choice" seems, I don't know what's right or wrong OR if, in fact, there is a right and a wrong. I have no option except to go with the flow, doing the things that are best for my daughter and the most fulfilling for me. Blogs can be fulfilling, don't ya think?!

The purpose of this blog is to incite discussion about topics that are important to those around me. I find myself in a unique position, standing in the midst of a racial, political, and social dichotomy with the ability to build a bridge or allow everything around me to remain separate. This quandary brings to mind something I once wrote:

Communication is the Art of connecting. Connecting is Life. Communication is the Art of Living. Learn to Live, learn to Love. Communicate.

If I really care for those around me I can not leave things the way they are when I have a chance to change them, so I will build a bridge. This blog is a piece of the roadway. So, thanks for coming along for the ride! I always try to drive safe, smooth, and efficient, so I think you will enjoy this very much!

Happy Riding!

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