Monterey Bay Youth Outdoor Day Entertains

The new, local event promoted children's outdoor activity.

Monterey Bay Youth Outdoor Day filled the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds with demonstrations of, and information on everything from fishing, archery, BMX bikes, and skateboarding, to rock climbing and wildlife conservation.

Amanda Meyers and her 10-year old son Luke were two attendees attracted to the wide ranging activities.

“Everything he likes is here. It’s awesome there’s a free event like this,” said Meyers.

Held Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the first-year event brought together local outdoor organizations and business in the Monterey Bay's wide variety of outdoor offerings.

Bill’s Wheels was one of the local businesses contributing to the day’s effort. Store manager Shane Scaffone and his small team spent Friday and Saturday setting up the skate demonstration area and brought in all the riders participating in the demonstration.

“We’re here to promote skateboarding as a fun physical activity,” said Scaffone, who added, that the focus and dedication skating requires also benefits children.

Bill’s Wheels also helped bring in people to entertain by promoting the event to their customers. Greg Perkins, of La Selva Beach, heard about the day through Bill’s Wheels and brought his four-year old son and nine-month old daughter. While his daughter could not participate in any of the activities available, Perkin’s son was on the surfboard set-up by Richard Schmidt Surf School—hard at work perfecting his pop up.

The Central Coast Equestrian Association had horses for kids interested in rides of a different kind. The group arranged riding demonstrations and had horses available for children to get up close to and interact with. According to CCEA director Vicki Rose, she came to the event because it matched well with her organization’s mission to promote outdoor activity and education.

At the Bicycle Trip’s booth, kids coming by had the chance to win prizes including Frisbees and yoyo’s. But before they could spin the prize wheel, they had to first pass a basic bike hand signal test.

Multiple event participants expressed a common sentiment about the first-year event and all the different activities included.

“I hope they bring it back and can get kids into new stuff,” said Amanda Meyers, before her son Luke led her off in the rock wall’s direction.

Judi Oyama September 26, 2011 at 01:20 PM
My kids had a great time. They said it was one of the best events they had ever gone too. Good job. Kids need to get outside and just play!
Jennifer Squires September 26, 2011 at 03:41 PM
What a great concept. I agree that getting kids outside is an admirable goal, especially with so many cool outdoor activities on the Central Coast.


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