Lanes on Highway 1 Closed Sunday Morning; Grafitti Crackdown

The Regional Transportation Commission announces the following closures:

  Saturday, November 16, 3:00 am to 5:00 am – Intermittent freeway closures for 15 minutes or less in both directions of Highway 1 between the Soquel and Morrissey interchanges for PG&E to string lines across the highway.  Traffic will stopped for this work and will NOT be detoured onto adjacent streets.  Travelers may want to use alternate routes to avoid delays during this time frame.   

·         Monday, November 18, 9:00 pm to 5:00 am – Slow lane in the northbound direction of Highway 1 between Soquel and Morrissey will be closed to mount signs on the La Fonda Bridge.  The northbound onramp from the Soquel Interchange will also be closed during this time frame.

·         Tuesday, November 19, 10:00 pm to 5:00 am – Slow lane in the southbound direction of Highway 1 between Morrissey and Soquel will be closed to mount signs on the La Fonda Bridge.  The southbound onramp from the Morrissey interchange will also be closed during this timeframe. 



·         Drainage behind Retaining Wall #3 - Supplemental drainage work on the northbound side of the highway is now complete, including removal of the metal shoring/support system and dirt access pad.

·         Northbound Auxiliary Lane –  Crews are working 6-days per week as necessary to meet the target of removing the guard rail  and opening the northbound auxiliary lane by Thanksgiving.  The concrete barrier is scheduled to be removed on Monday, Nov 25 and paving to take place during the day on Tuesday, Nov 26.  The lane will be opened following paving activities.

·         Drainage Ditch behind Soundwall – Forming and pouring the concrete ditch at the base of the soundwalls on the northbound side of the highway is now complete.

·         Landscaping – Irrigation lines have been installed on the northbound side and planting is underway.  

·         Signs – Signs will be mounted on the La Fonda Bridge and other locations.

·         Staining Retaining Wall – Next week, crews will stain the split rock face of Retaining Wall # 3 on the northbound side of the highway.

·         Wrap Up Activities – All construction activities should be complete by the end of December. 



·         Graffiti - The project team is coordinating with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and local law enforcement agencies to document, investigate and prosecute graffiti activity occurring on an ongoing basis on the soundwall and Harbor High School fencing. If you see someone tagging or suspect vandalism is going to take place, please call 911. To report a tag or a tip, call these 24/7 hotlines: City of Santa Cruz (831-420-5303) or county hotline ( 831-427-0462 or 722-7771).

·         Highway 17 - Caltrans Summit Slide Repair project will require one lane closed in each direction for a ½ mile stretch near the summit of Highway 17 for a 32-hour period from 7:00 pm Friday, November 16 to 5:00 am Monday, November 18.  Traffic diversions will be in place and motorists will likely experience delays.


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