Week Ahead: Say Goodbye to Mayor Hilary Bryant; Go Play in the Snow Downtown

And on the serious side: Will wastewater rates go up? Will the city help pay for a new parking lot at the Boardwalk?

Snow night 2012...Should be colder this year.
Snow night 2012...Should be colder this year.
Tuesday, Dec. 10:

Tonight at 7 p.m. the council will say farewell to Mayor Hilary Bryant and welcome new mayor Lynn Robinson. These ceremonies are always dramatic and Bryant's should be especially so. She's had a tough year, starting with the February murders of the first two police officers in the city's history. 

But most agree that she carried off the year with aplomb and helped keep the city stable in a tsunami of events.

The meeting is at City Council Chambers 809 Center St. You can watch it streamed here.

Also on the earlier, 3 p.m. agenda, the council will discuss a proposal to raise wastewater fees almost 20 percent over the next four years. The city staff says that the cost of getting rid of 10 million gallons of waste a day has risen to $14 million a year, or $1.1 million over what is now being taken in. The department also requires a $7 million reserve fund for emergencies.

The proposed raises would be 5.7 percent for two years; then 5.9 percent the third year and 2.4 percent the fourth, which would make up for the current loss and the past two years without a rate hike and maintain a $6.6 million reserve fund.

The council will also consider a proposal to pitch in $200,000 as part of  $1 million of improvements to the parking around the Boardwalk. Its owner, the Seaside Company, plans to add two lanes into its parking lot; to put in an automatic pay system that charges when you leave; to restripe the lot and to add new signs and lights. It says that these measures will cut some of the summer traffic jams. 

It is asking the city to pay for part of the improvements based on money collected from the tax revenues for the lot. The city takes 10 percent of parking. The Company and city staff say that the new spaces in the lot will add $38,000 a year to the city's coffers. 

In a letter to the council, the Amelia Conlen, director of People Power, asked that bike parking be added to the proposal. 

Thursday Snow Fun: Starting at 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. truckloads of snow will be unloaded at Pacific Ave and Cooper Street for kids to play in. Details here.  It's free, but they ask people to bring food for Second Harvest Food Bank. You need tickets to get in. They will be given out starting at 3 p.m. 



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